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Rely on the professionals at Archibald Plumbing, for superior plumbing repair and installation services. We specialize in anything and everything to do with residential plumbing, from piping to water heaters to garbage disposals and dishwashers.
Professional, Courteous, Flexible Plumbing Technicians. We provide homeowners with flexible scheduling and unparalleled overall service. As factory-trained, certified technicians, we always maintain a professional, clean image. Contact our plumber in San Marcos, California, for plumbing and water heater repair services.

Our Services

RePiping & Retrofitting
Big or small jobs
Affordable home update
Quick completion
Dishwasher Repair
Most popular models
Reuse don’t replace
Same day repair
Water Heater Installation
Most popular models
Quick installation
Install today shower tonight
Appliance Installation
Most popular models
Quick installation
No mess, quality install